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Coupling water, fire and climate resilience with biomass production from forestry to adapt watersheds to climate change
October 2019
IPCC highlights the role of sustainable forest management for climate adaptation

The special report on Climate Change and Land released last August by the IPCC confirms that land plays an important role in the climate system. Keeping global warming well below 2ºC can be achieved only by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors, including land and food.
The study highglights that sustainable forest management can maintain or enhance forest carbon stocks and helps to maintain forest carbon sinks. More
Eco-hydrologic forest management improves soil conservation in semiarid regions 
A study by IIAMA UPV researchers shows that sustainable forest management enhances soil conservation and increases the availability of groundwater for forests located in semi-arid regions. More
The transpiration of groundwater by forests in semiarid regions should be factored in by hydrogelogical models 

A recent study demonstrates that the transpiration of groundwater is a fundamental aspect to be considered in hydrological modelling, in order to obtain an accurate representation of the availability of water resources at the watershed scale. More
Resilient Forests presented at FAO working group on mountain watersheds

At the 32nd meeting of the FAO work group for the Management of Mountain Watersheds, María González presented the activities of LIFE Resilient Forests. During her presentation at the work group meeting in Innsbruck, María González explained how a “ecohydrological” forest management approach can be a solution to adapt forests to climate change. More
Watch the latest episodes of our webseries

In this series of videos filmed during a trip inside the Parc Natural Sierra Calderona  in Valencia, IIAMA-UPV researchers María González Sanchis and Antonio Del Campo show the effects of climate change on the local ecosystems, and how a sustainable management approach can increase forest resilience, while creating opportunities for the local population.
Episode 4 - Managed Forests Versus Unmanaged
Antonio and Maria explain the differences between a managed and unmanaged forest. More
Episode 5 - Tree Circles
Thanks to the analysis of the tree-trunk-slice it is possible to observe the real growth of the trees. More
Episode 6 - Experimental Forest Plots
At this experimental site inside the parc, IIAMA-UPV researchers are measuring the amount of water available to feed the trees in a manged forest plot, versus an unmanaged one. More
Episode 7 - Restoring Tree Growth with Forest Management 

Once at the experimental plots we can clearly see the difference between an unmanaged forest originated 27 years ago after a wildfire and a stand of managed forest. More
Episode 8 - Adapting Local Solutions to Global Challenges
Antonio and Maria talk about the initial results of the project and how these can be transferred from local to a wider scale in the Mediterranean areas and in Central Europe. More
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