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Coupling water, fire, and climate resilience with biomass production from forestry to adapt watersheds to climate change
December 2022
C.A.F.E. (Carbon, Aqua, Fire & Eco-resilience) is a Multi-Objective Decision Support System (MODSS) for forest management that stems from the Life Resilient Forest project program that promotes a forest management approach at the watershed scale that improves forests’ resilience to wildfires, water scarcity, environmental degradation and other effects induced by climate change
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A step forward in Forest policy

On the 31st of May 2022, representatives from eight LIFE projects gathered in Brussels to present the result of two months of work, preceded by years of project experiences. The event was attended in presence and from remote by EU Commission officers and representatives of sector associations and EU regional offices.

The group presented a set of critical issues faced by Mediterranean Forest Environments, which need to be addressed in the future to cope with climate change.

The outlining of such issues was followed by a series of policy recommendations that could help to solve them. All these contents are now available in the final version of the Policy Paper  "A step forward in EU Forest policy: the Mediterranean perspective

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Resilient Forests told by Infographics

We have launched a news series of infographics describing the Decision Support System developed by the project and our forest management approach!
In this infographic you can see a depiction of the positive effects that a sound Forest management can have on the reference ecosystem.
In this infographic you can see how the Forest Management approach developed in our project works.
The main tool is a Decision Support System (DSS tool) which allows forest managers to select the IR objectives and choose the optimum approach to reach them.
Thinning the Wood? the DSS tool tells you HOW to do it!
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The project LIFE RESILIENT FORESTS – Coupling water, fire and climate resilience with biomass production from forestry to adapt watersheds to climate change is co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Union under contract number LIFE 17 CCA/ES/000063.
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