Resilient Forests project is at the centre of the debate on forests issue.

“There is no doubting on the role forests play for the life of our planet” said the Spanish radio, Canal Extremadura, which is interested in better understanding and spreading the problems related to forests. In addition, the Extremadura community forest areas are potentially involved in these issues.

To address this subject, the radio decided to refer to the Resilient Forests project, whose works make it an incredibly active project in this field.

To this purpose, the Spanish radio interviewed María Gonzales–Sanchis, professor at the University of Valencia and coordinator of the LIFE RESILIENT FORESTS project.

During the interview, she presented the main aims the project has been carrying out over the years. She introduced the support system the project wants to develop, aiming at increasing forests’ resilience to climate change, which includes wildfires, drought, and floods.

Effective forest management is fundamental for the fight against climate change, since, as Maria says “The state of the area significantly conditions not only the quality but also the quantity of water. And this also affects the risk of floods”.

Listen to the entirely interview (in Spanish) here at the link: