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A sustainable and effective forest management is a key element to tackle climate change and to preserve our precious environment. The Resilient Forest project is developing new tools and approaches for a new and innovative way to manage our forests.

Maurizio Cocchi & Giulio Poggiaroni (EUBIA)

Maria Gonzàlez Sanchis (Technical University of Valencia)
Antonio del Campo (Technical University of Valencia)
Félix Francés (Technical University of Valencia)
Manuel Pulido (Technical University of Valencia)


1.- Introduction: The project Resilient Forest
2.- Adaptive forest management: the C.A.F.E. concept.
3.- LIFE Resilient Forests DSS Tool:
• What is it? What purpose? What use?
• Eco-hydrological model: TETIS-VEG
• Optimization tool
4.- Application and practical example
5.- Q&A