C.A.F.E. (Carbon, Aqua, Fire & Eco-resilience) is a Multi-Objective Decision Support System (MODSS) for forest management that stems from the Life Resilient Forest project program that promotes a forest management approach at the watershed scale that improves forests’ resilience to wildfires, water scarcity, environmental degradation and other effects induced by climate change.

The Tool is now available for download, together with the user manuals, on this page

This tool determines the optimum silvicultural activities to manage multiple products, goods, and services such as biomass production, carbon sequestration, fire risk, water provisioning, climatic resilience, or biodiversity, which are simultaneously quantified in time and space for a selected solution. To that end, C.A.F.E. combines eco-hydrological simulation and multi-objective optimization with evolutionary algorithms.

Finishing the execution with an iterative visualization of the results that allow the user to understand and select the most appropriate option. Therefore, the three blocks on which this DSS is structured are Simulation, optimization, and visualization. The combination and communication of these blocks make it a multipurpose and useful tool for decision-making by forest managers.

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