The project officer visited the experimental trials as well as the biomass plant in Serra.

On June the 12th LIFE RESILIENT FORESTS received the visit of the project monitoring officer, Cristóbal Ginés, aimed at sharing the first results in order to ensure the smooth execution of the project, check the planning of the next steps and the distribution of the workload.

More in details, during its stay in Valencia the officer from the European Commission had the opportunity to visit the experimental plots located in the municipality of Serra, as well as the biomass plant promoted by the local administration, which is also partner of the project.

“The administration of the Municipality of Serra has developed a project for the management of forest biomas and agricultural residues, to be used in a pelletization plant which provides wood pellets both for the heating system of the public buildings and for commercialization”, María González Sanchis, project coordinator, explains. The officer observed the work carried out by the researchers at IIAMA, which have started to install sensor in the experimental plots in la Calderona, which will monitor the climate variables, energy fluxes and radiation frequency. “We will include these data into the decision support tool which will be a key result of the project”, María González explained.