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This is the sixth of a series of videos filmed in March 2019, during a trip across the Parque Natural de La Sierra Calderona, in the region of Valencia, visiting examples of best practices in sustainable forestry.

In this episode – Visiting the Experimental Forests Plots

At this experimental site inside the parc, IIAMA-UPV researchers are measuring the amount of water available to feed the trees in a managed forest plot, versus an unmanaged one. In both plots, there are facilities that collect the falling water and a monitoring systems to perfectly measure how much water the trees absorb from the soil. We can clearly see the difference in the tree growth of the experimental forest plot and the control site next to it. In less than seven years the diameter of the trunks has increased sensibly and the trees show vigor and resilience.

Resilient Forests Episode 5 – Visiting the Experimental Forest Plots