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On the 10th of October, the Spanish TV programme „Reduce tu huella“ (reduce your footprint) broadcasted an episode focussing on the wildfires that have plagued Spain in recent years and how they have been managed. It was the chance to talk about forest management and the experience of the project Resilient Forests was presented.

Antonio del Campo and Maria Gonzalez Sanchis from the University of Valencia were interviewed regarding the systems for checking the water consumption of the forests near the town of Serra (Serra Calderona). Then the biomass production plant in Serra was showed, explaining the circural system put in place here. Thanks to the data gathered, the Municipality knows which trees have to be cut, these trees then head for the plant in Serra and are transformed into wood pellets, used by the Municipality for heating public buildings and also sold to the local community at cheap prices.

Here you can re-watch the episode (RF part starting at minute 17:00)