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On the 22nd of March 2023, partners of the Resilient Forests poject gathered in Valencia for the conclusion of the project and its final event.

The final event titled „Resilient Mediterranean Forests: improving ecosystem services and sustainable management“ saw multilple interventions from Forest experts from the project consortium but also from third parties or other projects. Down below you can download the presentations of the various speakers.

Reconciling Sustainable Forest Management with the protection of carbon sinks and biodiversity (Eduardo Riojas Briales – PEFC) [download]

Coupling water, fire and climate resilience with biomass production from forestry to adapt watersheds to climate change – Lessons learnt from 5 years of LIFE RESILIENT FORESTS (Maria Gonzalez Sanchis – UPV) [download]

CAFE Decision Support System for Multiobjective Planning of Sustainable Forest Management (Javì Perez Romero – UPV) [download]

Adapting wildfire risk management to the changing climate in Mediterranean forest areas (Miguel Almeida – ADAI) [download]

Adaptive management of Mediterranean Pinus halepensis forests in the face of climate change (Laura Blanco Cano – LIFE Adaptaleppo project) [download]

Participatory approach for Ecosystem Services definition and sustainable management in the Salam-med Project (Prima). SALAM-MED project (Antonio del Campo – UPV)

Forest Management to reduce wildfire risk and deliver ecosystem services in the Municipality of Serra: lessons learnt, citizens engagement and socio-economic outcomes (Pilar Mocé Aguelo _ Municipality of Serra) [download]

Designing effective policies for Sustainable Forest Management in Mediterranean regions – Joint position paper (Dionìsio Ortiz -UPV) [download]

An European innovation partnership network promoting operational groups dedicated to forestry and agroforestry – GOFOREST (Giulio Poggiaroni – EUBIA) [download]

Climate Adaptation in marginal mid-mountains areas of Spain -MIDMACC project (Eduard Pla – CREAF) [download]